Soultan Al Halifa

Soultan Al-Halifa, Post-doctoral research associate

Design of self-assembling peptides as novel nanovaccines

Guillaume Charron

Guillaume Charron, Post-doctoral research associate

Development of stapled peptides to inhibit PSCK9


Noé Quittot, Ph.D. candidate

Interactions of peptide hormones with glycosaminoglycan: modulation of the equilibrium between biological folding and pathological agregation


Ximena Zottig, Ph.D. candidate

The amyloid quaternary structure: a novel formulation strategy for peptide drug delivery


Phuong Trang Nguyen, Ph.D. candidate

Effects of non-enzymatic post-translational modifications on the self-assembly of the islet amyloid polypeptide


Matthew Sebastio, Ph.D. Candidate

Investigating the relation between the (supra)molecular structure of amyloids and the reversibility of the amyloidogenic process


Margarytha Babych, M.Sc. candidate

Novel chemical approaches to side-chain specific modifications of peptides on solid support

Elizabeth Godin

Elizabeth Godin, M.Sc. candidate

Mechanisms of peptide self-assembly

Laurie Gauthier

Laurie Gauthier, M.Sc. candidate

Design and validation of protein adjuvants

Dominic Arpin

Dominic Arpin, M.Sc. candidate

Bacterial self-assembling polypeptides as a novel vaccination platform

Mathilde Fortier, B.Sc.

Mathilde Fortier, B.Sc. Trainnee

Caroline Garceau, B.Sc.

Caroline Garceau, B.Sc. Trainnee

Past members

»  Billel Djerir, M.Sc., 2015-16

»  Médina Hicheur, B.Sc., 2016

»  Marie-jeanne Archambault, B.Sc., 2016

»  Élizabeth Godin, B.Sc., 2017

»  Stéphane Gautreau, B.Sc., 2017

»  Naoual Lassouane, B.Sc., 2017

»  Carole Anne De Carufel, M.Sc., 2013-15

»  Mathieu Laporte-Wolwertz, M.Sc., 2013-15

»  Armelle Tchoumi-Nerée, M.Sc., 2013-15

»  Sabrina Sahnouni, M.Sc., 2012-13


»  Kathleen Étienne, B.Sc., 2015

»  Jonathan Kemp-Bouchard, B.Sc., 2015

»  Érica Zheng, B.Sc., 2015

»  Catherine Tremblay, B.Sc., 2014

»  Abraham Sanoussian, B.Sc., 2014

»  Svenja Nierwtberg, B.Sc., 2014

»  Fatiha Remili, B.Sc., 2013

»  Maxime Béland, B.Sc., 2013

»  Édith Flore-Kmoe, B.Sc., 2013

»  Mohamed Benhammadi, Research Assistant, 2013-14